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Like the grips on our shoes, the grips on our rubber ferrules will also wear down with everyday use. These need to be replaced to ensure that they grip the ground properly. A new ferrule can make a huge difference to the stability of a walking stick. In this section we have a wide range of styles available to suit any stick.

Checking your rubber ferrule
It is recommended that a new rubber ferrule should last for 6+ months with regular use. A worn or split ferrule can easily lead to a slip or fall. Look for splits regularly in the rubber or to see if the contact area is wearing thin.

Removing the old ferrule
Twist or rock the old ferrule, this will break the seal and then it can be pulled off. As this can be difficult, it might be a good idea to ask someone who is strong enough to remove the original ferrule. Do not throw the old ferrule away until you have successfully fitted the new replacement.

Fixing the new ferrule
The new ferrule can then be pushed or twisted onto the bottom of the stick. To ensure that the ferrule has been tightly fitted, simply lean on the walking stick.