Economy Range - Wooden Walking Sticks

When it comes to your walking stick, reliability is important, and this is why we only stock the very finest quality, made by manufacturers whom we trust. So, if you are looking for a walking stick that folds, you’ll find one here at the Walking Stick Collection.

Available in a range of colours our folding walking sticks are portable and can easily be stored when not in use. With anatomical moulded handle, for left and right-handed users, providing natural comfort and support to the user.
Our range of economy folding walking sticks are suitable for both ladies and gents. Each of our folding walking sticks comes with a long lasting anti-slip ferrule for added security and allowing peace of mind when in use. All of our walking sticks are light weight, with sectioned shafts for easy folding.
We understand that there is nothing more important that reliability, and that is why we stock the finest economy folding walking sticks.