Derby Handle- Wooden Walking Sticks

Derby Handle Walking Stick

If using a walking stick is new to you, it may have come as a shock to realise that there is such a vast choice of styles, colours, and heights, it really can be overwhelming.
One of the first considerations when choosing your walking stick, is which type of handle you will need. Just like there are a multitude of styles of sticks, there are also many choices when it comes to the style of handle. With its instantly recognisable curved end, this style can be found on most canes and walking sticks.
The Derby canes reputedly gets its name form Lord Derby, who wanted a supportive walking stick , he was able to hook over his arm when it wasn’t being used.
This style of handle is one of the most popular for users who need light to middle support and balance when they are out and about. It provides excellent support for the user as their weight is carried directly over the shaft. The curve of the handle also prevents the users hand from slipping forward and backwards.