Crook Handle Wooden Walking Sticks

The classic design of a crook handle walking stick is one of the most popular in our extensive collection of walking sticks and canes. This instantly recognisable style provides comfort and support, with all the quality features you’d expect from The Walking Stick Collection.

We have a range of styles, with crook handle walking sticks crafted from a variety of tree species including chestnut, acacia, bamboo, ash, hazel and beech. Lacquered for added protection and shine, we have options featuring spiral designs and collars.

For those looking to find a crook handle walking stick for a more formal occasion, we have some great choices for you. Our brown marble crook with a stylish teardrop handle and rubber ferrule is ideal for such occasions. Additionally, our chestnut spiral crook should also be considered, with its elegant spiralled design running down the length of the shaft.

Browse and buy from our extensive range of crook handle walking sticks online today, featuring high quality walking aids at affordable prices.