Country Walking Sticks

The Walking Stick Collection has an exceptional range of country sticks, including Thumb Sticks, Hikers, Beechwood Knob Sticks, Shepherds' Crooks, and Staghorn Handle Hiking Sticks. These ever-popular rustic designs are available in a variety of natural woods like Chestnut, Ash, Hazel and Blackthorn.

As well as being a durable, reliable and practical walking aids, our country sticks are a work of art in themselves. Stylishly designed and lovingly crafted, our offerings provide all the support you need from a regular walking cane along with elegant aesthetics.

We particularly love our dark twisted beechwood country sticks, with beautiful, spiralling patterns running down a sturdy beech shaft. Another top seller is our stripped and lacquered chestnut thumb stick, which has been sourced from sustainable forests and expertly handcrafted into a sophisticated and attractive walking stick.

No matter which one of our lovely country sticks you like the look of, you can count on high quality at affordable prices here at The Walking Stick Collection. This guarantee extends to our entire range of products including walking canes, hiking poles, seat sticks, wooden walking sticks, umbrellas and much more. Browse and buy online today to pick up premium country sticks at very affordable price.