Hiking Poles

At the Walking Stick Collection, we stock a wide range of the best hiking poles across a selection of styles and colours. Ideal for giving you extra balance and support when you are rambling, hiking or trekking the outdoor terrain, we have stylish, practical and durable hiking poles for you to choose from.

Expertly crafted from strong and lightweight aluminium, our adjustable hiking poles feature shock absorbing inserts, a comfortable wrist strap and both a straight or crooked contour moulded handle. And with a carbide steel tip and removable rubber ferrule, they are suitable for use on all kinds of walking surfaces.

Our high quality yet cheap hiking poles are available to order online today from prices as low as £11.99. With such affordable price points, there are trekking and hiking canes for all budgets. So pack your backpacks, throw on a pair of sturdy shoes and don’t forget your brand new hiking sticks, and get trekking and rambling to your heart’s content.

Along with our extensive range of hiking poles, we also stock a varied selection of outdoor stick such as seat sticks, sports canes and shooting sticks. Browse and buy safely and securely online today from the Walking Stick Collection.